Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Southern Girl's

The best young ladies around. They are constantly pretty and show themselves well. Ordinarily wearing their easter shaded polos, lacostes, or michael stars. Allways (well, ordinarily) seen wearing there name brand pants blue clique, 7's, residents, holy messenger, paper denim, etc...accesories dependably comprise of them pearl earings. Basic yet ellegant. All southern young ladies own atleast 1 surf shop or restaurant T-shirt from some place on the coast, in all probability Wrightsville. Discovered cruising around in their silver or green Range Rovers or Land Rovers, and if not, volvos or station wagons. Southern families are the most liberal of all of them, which makes southern young girls, the sweeter.

Never forget however, the carolina young ladies are the best!

"Carolina young ladies, best on the planet!"

northeners: eh' you all.

southern young ladies: hey yall need some tea?

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